10 Week Deluxe All Season CSA Gift Card (2023 Season)

10 Week Deluxe All Season CSA Gift Card (2023 Season)

Brighten up anyones day with the gift of seasonal blooms. Smiles and happy thoughts will be abundant with the colors, smells and textures of sustainable blooms filling up a home. All CSA's pickups are made on a bi-weekly basis with many convenient locations available in the grater Portland Area. This gift card will cover the cost of our 10 Week Deluxe All Season CSA Subscription including tax. Please check out our CSA page HERE for all of the pickup locations and CSA details. 

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing this gift card does NOT automatically sign you up for a CSA! After purchasing a gift card you will receive an email with your gift card code. This email can be forwarded onto the happy CSA recipient and they are responsible for redeeming the CSA of their liking by entering the gift card code at checkout. All CSA gift cards are redeemed on the online store and it will cover the CSA costs including tax. Thank you and please contact us if you have any questions.

Entire Cost of Subscription (including tax)

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