Our Raw Maine Wildflower Honey is produced by happy bees in Southern Maine. The bees have the opportunity to forage a broad spectrum of nectars that contribute to this honey's wonderfully floral taste.  Since it has many different nectar constituents, it is a great choice for alleviating seasonal allergies too. 

We like to think of honey like wine where the flora, region, climate and health of the bees dictate the flavor profiles throughout the season. Truly a beautiful thing. In Maine we are lucky to have diverse and abundant flora from May to October that the bees can feast on. 

This honey is “raw” which means it comes straight from the honeycomb. This means no pasteurization, therefore all the beneficial nutrients of the honey remain intact and ready for your benefit. Straight from the hive to the jar. The nectar of the Earth!

If honey crystalizes, gently warm jar until it melts. Crystalizing honey is not a bad thing! It actually means that you have raw honey :)

Raw Maine Wildflower Honey

12$ Net wt. 10 oz

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