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Harvested in Maine
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Harvested in Maine
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Are bugs and ticks turning your outdoor adventures into a bad time? It's time to say goodbye to chemical repellents and hello to worry-free outdoor fun with our Bug and Tick Spray.

Key Features:

  • 4oz Amber Spray Bottle makes application quick and efficient while keeping essential oils fresh.
  • 6 Organic Essential Oil Blend: Crafted with care, our spray harnesses the power of six organic essential oils to keep bugs and ticks at bay while being gentle on your skin.
  • Smells Great: Our oil blend has a pleasant scent that most people enjoy smelling.  
  • 1-Hour Protection: Our field-tested formula offers up to one hour of effective protection, giving you peace of mind during your outdoor activities.
  • Field Tested in Maine: Designed for the rugged terrain of Maine, you can trust its effectiveness wherever you roam.

Why Choose our Organic Bug and Tick Spray?  Because it works! With our natural bug and tick spray in hand, you'll feel invincible against the outdoor nuisances that once plagued your adventures. Say goodbye to bothersome bugs and ticks, and hello to carefree recreation. Protect your loved ones, especially your kids, from potential insect-related concerns.

Don't let bugs and ticks rule your outdoor experiences any longer. Choose Fresh Pickins Bug and Tick Spray and reclaim the joy of outdoor living. Your adventures await!

Spring Water, Soybean Oil*, Castor Oil*, Essential oils of: Cedarwood*, Citronella*, Lemongrass*, Peppermint*, Rosemary*, Geranium*(* = Organic)

Customer Reviews

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So effective

Have never tried it in deep woods conditions but all I need for everyday use, definitely prevents mosquito bites. No toxicity to worry about so I can reapply many times if needed. Love the smell.

Appreciate the feedback! We originally designed this bug spray for deep woods foraging adventures but it works both for everyday use like your experiencing. I think you'll love it when you get out in the thick stuff too :)

Stands up to Wetlands Mosquitos

I garden on an island in wetlands conditions so needless to say mosquitos are a big challenge - this is the only natural natural repellant that works (and I have tried many) Smells amazing and keeps those pesky bugs (and ticks) away. Thank you!

We really got tired of using chemical repellents both for us and the environment. The blend of 6 different organic essential oils is what really makes the difference and we think it smells good too. Thanks for your feedback and we’ll keep making the best bug spray we can.

Bug free

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the bug and tick repellent! I bought it at the Maine Flower Show. I wasn't really sure if it would work, but have to say it is absolutely marvellous!! I have sat out in the garden during the evening actually enjoying the long summer evenings without getting bitten. I don't remember doing that as much when I only had the chemical repellent because it wasn't worth the ghastly smell for an hour or so outside in the evening. I will definitely be ordering more of this product, and when I have a little more time, I'll be back to check out your other products. but I've been meaning to drop you a line to thank you and as I've just sprayed myself, I thought I'd come in and send you a note right now, before I go back out and enjoy a bug free evening!

Lyme Disease

I am a tick magnet and petrified of getting Lyme Disease. Before purchasing this product I would go for walks and bring home many ticks attached to my clothing. When I spray there Bug Repellent around the tops of my boots, socks and legs the ticks were nowhere to be found. I am happy and a believer that organic ingredients can help prevent exposure to Lyme Disease. Good Job.

Black Flies

I went on a spring fishing trip in June to Canada and purchased a bottle of this stuff at a Maine Farmers Market. I knew the black flies at this spot during this time of year are horrendous from past trips. This stuff surprised me at how well it works. I shook the bottle and sprayed it on a couple times per hour with great success. I'd buy this again!

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