Welcome to our exclusive collection of organic Hair and body Sprays, where nature meets beauty in a harmonious blend. Explore the refreshing sensation of our WAVE SPRAY HAIR ELIXR, the invigorating OCEAN MIST BODY SPRAY, and the protective touch of our ORGANIC HAND SANITIZER – each meticulously crafted to enhance your daily self-care routine.

Indulge your senses and provide your locks some serious nutrients with our Wave Spray Hair Elixir, a transformative elixir that embraces the essence of organic oils, botanicals, and wild-harvested Maine Seaweeds. Crafted with love, this hair elixir not only imparts a natural wave to your locks but also nourishes and hydrates, leaving your hair with a lustrous shine. The 2 part separation is the key to the versatility of this product. On the bottom is a 5% Maine Sea Salt water portion and on top is our nutrient-packed organic oil blend and seaweed infusion. If you don't shake it up you'll get the wave texturizing sea salt portion and if you do shake it you get the deeply nourishing and softening attributes. The versatility and results of this product are spectacular and fun to use. 

Step into a world of oceanic freshness with our Ocean Mist Body Spray. Infused with a blend of organic oils and cooling botanicals, this body spray captures the invigorating scent of the sea, providing a burst of refreshment and hydration with every spray. Experience the benefits of calendula grown on our farm as this mist hydrates and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it feeling revitalized and naturally radiant. Our sustainable practices extend to the cultivation of organic ingredients, reinforcing our dedication to responsible and regenerative beauty.

In today's world, hygiene is a top priority. Keep your hand care routine sparkling clean with our Organic Hand Sanitizer. Formulated with high-grade organic alcohol sanitizer not only protects against germs but won't leave your hands dry. It's amazing! 

Our collection of hair and body sprays embodies the essence of organic beauty, sustainability, and a commitment to quality. Each product, from the Wave Spray Hair Elixir to the Ocean Mist Body Spray and Organic Hand Sanitizer, reflects our dedication to crafting exceptional formulations from our farm for your daily rituals. Embrace the goodness of organic oils and botanicals farmed by us, and experience the transformative power of nature in your self-care routine.  We're here to help you choose a path that harmonizes beauty with sustainability – try our organic hair and body sprays for a naturally radiant you.

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