Maine Local Flowers

Explore the essence of Maine's natural beauty with our Maine Local Flowers Collection. Grown on our organic flower farm, these blooms reflect our commitment to minimal till and regenerative practices, supporting the ethos of organic farming.

Dahlia Tubers: Roots of Elegance

Embark on a journey into the world of dahlias with our carefully nurtured tubers. Sourced from our organic flower farm in Maine, these tubers showcase the vibrancy of our region's fertile soil, embodying the principles of regenerative farming.

5 and 10-Week Flower Bouquet Subscriptions: Blossoms on Your Doorstep

Indulge in the beauty of Maine's local flowers with our Flower Bouquet Subscriptions. Curated with blooms from our regenerative farm, these subscriptions bring the charm of minimal till practices to your doorstep. Each bouquet tells a story of sustainability and supports the cycle of organic farming in our state.

Sustainable Beauty, Maine's Way

Beyond aesthetics, our collection embodies a dedication to sustainable, organic farming. The petals tell the tale of our minimal till practices, forging a connection between cultivation and preservation. Choosing our Maine Local Flowers means inviting a piece of our farm into your space while contributing to the regenerative cycle. Invest in a connection to the land, support organic farming, and bring the allure of Maine's blooms into your life. Discover the collection today and let sustainable floristry flourish in your home.

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