Say Hello to our Lip Balm Collection

A conscious blend of nature's goodness hand-crafted to smooth, protect, and hydrate your lips. Each lip balm is a testament to our commitment to regenerative farming, and our sustainable lifestyle, and they're infused with herbs farmed with love by us right here in Maine. Lip balm tubes are made of bioplastics so you can rest assured that your container will sustainably return to the earth.

Mint Rosemary: Experience the invigorating freshness of mint and rosemary, a dynamic duo that soothes and rejuvenates your lips. With organic essential oils and Maine-harvested herbs like calendula, this balm is a popular delight.

Chaga: Nature's secret weapon, Chaga, is a key ingredient in this lip balm and has some amazing properties for the skin. Packed with antioxidants, it protects your lips from the elements while providing deep hydration and regeneration. Formulated with love for your lips.

Lime Vanilla: Transport your senses with the zesty aroma of lime and the sweet allure of vanilla. This lip balm is a paradise for your lips, thanks to the nourishing blend of organic coconut oil and herbal infusions.

Unscented: For those who prefer simplicity, our unscented lip balm is pure and gentle. Crafted with organic ingredients, it's perfect for the most sensitive lips, offering superior protection without any added fragrances.

Cedar Bergamot: Revel in the earthy, soothing blend of cedar and bergamot. This lip balm brings the calming essence of Maine's forests to your daily routine. Infused with herbs from our farm, it's a treat for your lips.

Rose Coco: Immerse yourself in the luxurious aroma of roses and the richness of coconut oil. This lip balm is a delicate force, formulated with love and enriched with organic essential oils and Maine-grown calendula to keep your lips hydrated.

Sweet Basil: Elevate your lip care with the sweet aroma of basil. This lip balm not only protects but also nourishes your lips with organic Jojoba oil and a touch of Maine's herbal magic.

Sunsifter SPF: Shield your lips from the sun's rays with our tinted Sunsifter SPF lip balm. Infused with organic herbs, including calendula, and enriched with zinc oxide, it provides superior sun protection while keeping your lips supple and skin tone.

Epic Protection SPF: When you need the ultimate lip defense, turn to our Epic Protection SPF balm. Infused with Maine's herbal treasures and fortified with zinc oxide, it's the ideal companion for outdoor adventures wet or dry.

Indulge in lip care that's not only effective but also works with the planet. Our Lip Balm collection is the result of our dedication to sustainable, organic living. Choose your favorite scent or embrace the unscented purity—whichever you select, know that it's formulated with love and a touch of Maine's magic to keep your lips smooth, protected, and beautifully hydrated.

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