• Finding Balance in Farmlife

    The art of having a clear mind as a farmer is the art of caring for yourself, the crops and letting go. But all of it is doubled with a balance of lifestyle, a lot of effort, and a couple of key ingredients in our daily routine. LETTING GOFirst, you have to do it. Get outside in nature. As farmers, we're already outside for most of the day, but for us, it's about getting away from the farm. We seek adventure to balance our lifestyle and connect in a simpler way – this time, not trying to control nature.  Before a...

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  • Tackling Rainy Days on the Farm

    It didn't take us very long to realize two important lessons in farming. 1) Things rarely go to plan, and 2) Mother Nature is the boss. The farm is a living organism, free-flowing like water, with many variables to account for. Observing and tending to this organism is part of the experience that makes farming beautiful for us but also makes us question our lack of control. One of the most dependent variables on the farm is the weather. The success of the farm, particularly the outdoor crops, depends on the weather and the moods of Mother Nature. Temperature, UV,...

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  • Hardy Annuals

    Hardy Annuals

    Let’s get to the point: In this blog, we want to share one of our secret tricks that has helped us get beautiful early spring blooms! Yes, this is a little more of a core blog designed to educate you and maybe serve some flower farmer enthusiasts too.  (Photo) Ranunculus, snapdragons, Orlaya, Nigella (in the back right) and Dom holding tall Floxgloves blooming in full stride 3rd week of May!! As a flower grower, pretty early on in the process we realized that everyyyyooonnne wants to have flowers in early spring!!! Coming out of the dreary doldrums of winter we...

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  • Wild in the Fresh in Morocco

    Wild in the Fresh in Morocco

    Every time I go on a trip it reminds me how blissful we are to live on this planet, how its richness is sooo englobing and apart of everything. How freedom of space, presence and time connects us to our roots. I ask myself, “what do you really want to spend your time doing?” and suddenly there’s space for new passion, interest and trajectory. For myself, these days, one thing I’m passionate about is the craftsmanship in Moroccan culture. I love observing the details of their doing and how an observation potentially relates to another, and how I feel grounded...

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  • Farm Life Series: Behind the Design of Our Brand

    Farm Life Series: Behind the Design of Our Brand

    Get to Know Dominic Thibault, and learn more about the design behind the Fresh Pickins Brand. Born in Canada, with a deep adventurous mind and vivid curiosity, Dominic drove south down the east coast in search of waves and a perfect escape. That’s when she met Dan and their friendship evolved into a strong partnership. Dominic joined the team five years ago to help bring Fresh Pickins to the next level by starting with rebranding the collections to be what you see today. With a background in design, she’s brought a new perspective and spark to the business and has...

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  • The inspiration behind our all-natural products

    The inspiration behind our all-natural products

      We got to the point in life where we observed that when you get outside to give yourself a perspective it often brings you inspiration in return that fuels your life and inspires you to evolve into the best version of yourself.  It’s a holistic ecosystem, like the balance in life, when you need to get outside because of feeling trapped or overworked, you go! You go and it replenishes your soul. You go and it creates space, makes a creative connection, and gives ideas that keep you going. It's what keeps us going.  Watch our full video to...

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