Hi to our growing community! 

Picking up where we left off, not too long ago, here's a deeper dive into Fresh Pickins and the different roles that make up our family Business.
We talked (in a previous blog post called : Insight into our family business) about our roots and how everything started, but the operation systems and everyone's tasks have continued to evolve , with the three owners trying to keep FPF organized and growing wildly. Dan & I, being the farm leaders, are lucky to be equipped with a crew of fearless workers who are fully invested in our core values and achieving our goals. We feel very lucky to have their support. 
I'm a creative and a serious doer & I coordinate the flow of a lots of things on the farm & the business side. The curator that directs all the marketing, video creation and social media posts and also the head floral designer of the farm that steers the creative direction of the floristry work allowing the blooms to proudly shine. Behind the space design of the farmstand and our shop in Portland, I love everything aesthetic. Often behind or sometimes in front of the lens, when we go on trips in the winter, I often act as a content creator. 
Dom is an adventurer and the creative curator of the business. 

Dan tends to work hard every day to ensure we grow quality blooms and herbs that he sells while developing new ways to connect with our community. He is the brain, the researcher, and the dreamer, always coming up with new ideas to put into sustainability or a more efficient way to do something around the farm. 
Dan is an adventurer, a wild wolf, the king of the cowboy style, and the glue of the business.

Then, our dear Vicki that is doing a ton of the shadow work. Making sure people receive their shipments from the online order, making sure shops that sell our products get their stuff their order on time, ensuring product inventory stays full for our productions, answering tons of emails, supervising the accounting, and making sure brides and special orders get what they need. Vicki is the one behind a ton of things!

So there you have it! Being FPF is being all that; it's a business journey with everyday struggles that keep us doing the best we can every day. Thank you for all the support along this crazy farming and formulation journey. We wouldn't be where we are without all of you, and we will continue to create little slices of nature that help you live your life to the fullest.

Here’s some capture of the three of us doing what we like when out of the farm, out for some adventure. 
With love,

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