Check out our humble yet impactful collection of organic body butters, where deep moisturizing meets the essence of nature's luxury. Get lost in the velvety richness of our Body Butter Lavender Ylang Ylang, the refreshing delight of Body Butter Sweet Basil, and the pure simplicity of Body Butter Unscented – each meticulously infused with Calendula grown by us to transform your skincare routine.

Envelop your skin in the calming embrace of our BODY BUTTER LAVENDER YLANG YLANG. This organic blend, enriched with shea butter, organic oils, and botanicals, provides deep moisturization that soothes even the most stubborn dry skin. Infused with the calming aroma of lavender and ylang-ylang, it's a floral sensory journey reminiscent of bouquets that leaves you feeling relaxed and your skin undeniably smooth. A little goes a long way, making it the perfect solution for cuticles, elbows, and an all-over body treat.

Experience the revitalizing power of our BODY BUTTER SWEET BASIL. This indulgent blend, with calendula farmed by us, nourishes your skin with organic oils and shea butter, offering a burst of freshness with the invigorating scent of sweet basil. Ideal for all-over body use, it transforms dull, dry skIn into a glowing, smooth canvas. Its sustainable formulation ensures you can treat your skin with love while embracing the benefits of organic farmed skincare.

For those seeking simplicity, our BODY BUTTER UNSCENTED is a delight. Crafted with organic oils and shea butter, it provides deep moisturization without any added fragrance. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or those who prefer an unscented option, this body butter offers a luxurious and sustainable solution for nourishing your skin.

A little goes a long way with our body butters, a testament to their richness and potency. Whether you're addressing stubborn dry skin, pampering cuticles, or indulging in all-over body care, our collection is your gateway to organic skincare luxury. 

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