Beard & Face Oil

Beard & Face Oil

Beards need love too! And let's not forget that forgotten skin underneath your beard as well. Small batch formulated with our finest organic oils including the classy, grounding, earth notes of Juniper, Bergamot FCP and Vetiver. It's full of fast absorbing oils like Prickly Pear that are loaded with nutrients to keep your facial hair and skin smooth, moisturized and balanced. Seriously though, we went all out on the ingredients for this one and all the oils are certified organic. We also infuse Calendula Flowers grown by us on the farm into each batch. Only the BEST!

If your wondering what Bergamot FCP thats a great question. We use Bergamot FCP because it has had the photosensitive ingredients associated with Bergamot Oils naturally removed. This means it wont make your skin sensitive to sun while rocking your beard oil out and about. Its still a certified organic oil and the scent has not been compromised one bit! 

It's not just for men either! Women can enjoy its moisturizing properties and grounding forest notes.

We recommend starting with a few drops and gently massage into your skin. You can apply more for deep moisturizing and less for a quick spruce up. This product is a joy to breathe in its goodness and take on your day!


Grape Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Calendula Flower*, Prickly Pear Oil*, Essential Oils of Juniper Berry*, Bergamot FCP* and Vetiver*

25$ 1fl. oz

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