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Harvested in Maine
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Harvested in Maine
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This finely ground and sustainably harvested wild Maine Chaga is ready to brew and enjoy! Chaga is one of the most studied medicinal mushrooms in the world and boasts a high concentration of nutrients and antioxidant properties. Chaga is well known as a potent adaptogen that can help regulate your immune system and promote elevated awareness to the body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the pleasantly sweet, woody flavor of Chaga and it’s restorative health benefits. Brewing instructions and materials included.

Brewing Instructions 

To brew 1/2 gallon of tea (8 cups) scoop 2 tablespoons of ground Chaga into provided brew bags. Tie brew bag and place into 1/2 gallon of lightly boiling water. Loosely cover to help eliminate evaporation and conserve heat. Continue to simmer for at least one hour and periodically press tea bag to increase tea potency. Once brew is completed consume 2-3 cups a day before meals. Keeps in refrigerator for up to 5 days. Chaga powder can be re-brewed once with similar potency while the brewing bags can be reused multiple times.


Wild Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

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Harvested in Maine