These are the essentials to help elevate your surf trip!! If your as pasty as us solar protection is a must! Thats why this kit includes Epic Protection Face Stick, Sunsifter Lip Balm and a 2oz Tin of Sunsifter Solar Cream to keep you protected in all situations. If you forget to lather up or reapply and get burned have no fear because After Sun Surf Mist is here. Our After Sun Surf Mist is formulated to cool and soothe with a just a few sprays over sunburnt areas. Shake it, Spray it and gently rub into skin. Let’s not forget to mention our Wave Salve and Wipeout Balm that are also included in this kit. Wave Salve can do it all and is the unsung savior of your surf trip. Formulated with Aloe and Calendula to prevent and soothe surf rashes which are inevitable if you plan on spending hours in the lineup. It doesn't stop at rashes and can be used for minor cuts, scratches and burns. Wipeout Balm is for those times when things don't go to plan and you eat sh**!! When your're charging, it's bound to happen so that why we formulated Wipeout Balm with organic arnica and cooling oils to help reduce inflammation and get you back on track. We’ve noticed incredible results when applied to bruises and sore muscles before and after activities.


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