This one of a kind honey is produced when bees solely forage the nectar of Blueberries while pollinating the plants. The resulting nectar produces a honey with subtle herbal hints of Blueberries combined with the sweetness of spring. A righteous honey that will leave your tastebuds in wonderment. As with all of our honeys, this honey is “raw” coming straight from the honeycomb, therefore all of the beneficial nutrients are intact. Seasonally limited, get it while you can!!

Raw means no pasteurization or therefore all of the beneficial nutrients of the honey remain intact and ready for your benefit! Straight from the hive to the jar.

If honey crystalizes, gently warm jar with water until it melts. Crystalizing honey is not a bad thing. It actually means that you have raw honey :)

So sorry but this product is not available at the moment. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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