Finding Balance in Farmlife

Finding Balance in Farmlife

The art of having a clear mind as a farmer is the art of caring for yourself, the crops and letting go. But all of it is doubled with a balance of lifestyle, a lot of effort, and a couple of key ingredients in our daily routine.

First, you have to do it. Get outside in nature. As farmers, we're already outside for most of the day, but for us, it's about getting away from the farm. We seek adventure to balance our lifestyle and connect in a simpler way – this time, not trying to control nature. 

Before a long day out in the fields, we sometimes only need a few sprays of our bug & tick spray to run ourselves free in the woods. We aim to go 2-3 times a week to get our heart rate up and to forest bathe in the woods surrounding our home. There's something powerful in seeing the daily changes of the season in the forest – this is what grounds us and excites us the most. From the start of spring to today, we've seen the gradation of the different plants growing and how they interact with everything around them in a dance of sorts – it's such a beautiful thing to witness. 

When stress gets high and it starts ruffling our feathers, we have a crucial ingredient that helps us stay nice with the people around us and ourselves: the holy basil herbal extract

Seriously, it's our secret weapon for dealing with stress, a heavy mental load, and juggling different tasks and projects. For us, it plays a massive role in our ability to balance our hearts when surrounded by what sometimes feels like chaos – it turns the worrier into the warrior.

It's been an incredible journey since we started growing it on the farm; it's such a special herb. We incorporate it into our daily routine to support us throughout the day. Take a second to read about this herb, research, and get curious – it's a precious one!

In a dream world, we're running, taking holy basil every day, going to yoga, attending personal and group meditation, and finding little pockets to surf in the midst of it all. 

Check out this sweet video below that we made last spring that tells the story better than any words could.

Our hope is that you take what you want from our routine and establish a system that helps you find balance in your everyday life. 

Written by: Dominic Thibault

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