Harvested in Maine
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Harvested in Maine
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Our Raw Maine Wildflower Honey is produced by happy bees in Southern Maine. The bees have the opportunity to forage a broad spectrum of nectars that contribute to this honey's wonderfully floral taste.  Since it has many different nectar constituents, it is a great choice for alleviating seasonal allergies too. 

We like to think of honey like wine where the flora, region, climate and health of the bees dictate the flavor profiles throughout the season. Truly a beautiful thing. In Maine we are lucky to have diverse and abundant flora from May to October that the bees can feast on. 

This honey is “raw” which means it comes straight from the honeycomb. This means no pasteurization, therefore all the beneficial nutrients of the honey remain intact and ready for your benefit. Straight from the hive to the jar. The nectar of the Earth!

If honey crystalizes, gently warm jar until it melts. Crystalizing honey is not a bad thing! It actually means that you have raw honey :)

Raw Maine Wildflower Honey

Customer Reviews

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Sheila Rogowski
Amazing flavor

I can’t get enough of this honey. This is no ordinary honey. The flavor is unique with hints of citrus and spice. I never really liked honey until I tried this honey. It all started with a purchase of the “Take it easy” wildflower tea. The tea was so good, I had to try the honey. We use it for everything from coffee or tea to desserts or cedar plank salmon with honey, lemon/lime, mustard, and rosemary. The honey elevates our recipes. Like to gift it to others so they can enjoy it as well.

Jackie Allen
just fabulous!

The wild flower honey is the best! our family ended their beehive activity over a year ago and we were looking for the perfect replacement for our honey supply. I think we have found it !

Nancy Percoski
Wonderful "Wildflower"!!

Your Wildflower honey is the best I have ever had! I purchased two of the larger size; one for me and one as a Christmas gift which I know they will love just as much as I do. Thank you!!

alex bates
most delicious honey

beyond delicious - with a subtle floral note.
thought the large jar would last us through the fall but family devoured it - reordering & stocking up now!

This is awesome! The jars seem to go quick around our house too. We’re lucky to have this little colony of bees collecting natures goodness for us to enjoy.

Sara Dickson

Vicki was terrific to work with! I ordered lots of honey bears for the welcome boxes for my son’s rehearsal dinner party! She sent me an extra one as a gift and I have sampled it, and it’s delicious! I love the philosophy of the farm and their story! I want to plan a visit sometime soon!!

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Harvested in Maine