If you love the beach and everything to do with the beach this is you kit! Sun soakers we got you covered with the Sunsifter Tin and Lip Balm formulated with 25% Zinc Oxide to keep you protected from UV rays and your skin chemical free. If you forgot your Sunsifter and got charred have no fear because the After Sun Surf Mist will soothe, cool and help prevent peeling from the reddest of burns. We also include the decadent Beach Rose Face Oil infused with calendula grown on our farm, Wave Salve formulated with Aloe and Calendula by surfers to help alleviate surf and wetsuit rashes, our luscious lip balms formulated with premium organic oils and our surf spray hair elixir which is a versatile hair product that can be used lightly to texture and heavily to deeply condition. Our Hair Elixir is infused with Wild Maine Seaweeds that are high in nutrients and minerals essential to hair care. All beach bums will love this kit and find it saving there bum more than once ;)


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