Dahlia Tubers

Important information about ordering your Dahlias!
Please read all the information below before ordering.

Thank you for supporting our small family farm. Your support fuels our botanical endeavors and in the end we hope to make all of our lives better with the plants we care for on our farm.

The dahlia varieties we have for sale have been proven on our farm for years and have produced masses of blooms that we provide to our CSA members, farmers markets, and local florists. Everything is grown, divided, and stored on our farm – a tedious process but we want to spread the joy of dahlias to all of our flower enthusiasts.

We’re beyond excited to start offering dahlias to the public! The information below is here to help you feel unstoppable when it comes to growing your own dahlia plants. Thanks again for your support!

Receiving your dahlias

Your dahlias will already be divided from the previous season and will be guaranteed to have at least one visible eye on them. The eyes (where the sprout comes from) might not be highly visible at the time you receive the tuber but you can expect to receive a quality tuber that is true to the variety.

All dahlias are inspected and hand selected by our experienced dahlia team. Size of dahlia tubers can also greatly vary from one variety to the next and does not directly relate to the size of blooms that the plant will produce.

If you order 8 or more dahlias you will receive 25% off! woot woot!

Placing Orders

When you place your order you will receive an order confirmation and another when your tubers ship. Once shipped (in the spring) you will receive shipping confirmation and tracking information.

Shipping Information

All orders will be treated as a pre order and will be shipped via USPS in the second half of April. We do this so that your tubers do not freeze in the mail but you receive them with plenty of time to get a full season out of them. (More on planting timing later on)

*We urge you to order your tubers ASAP because once a certain variety sells out it will no longer be available.*

At this point in time we do not ship to Canada or any international shipping. Maybe next year if enough people want them. (Write to us if you do!)

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are determined at checkout based on the number of tubers you order. We have determined an average weight per tuber and this is a standard value that will be combined with your location to determine the final shipping costs.

Tuber Orders with other items

As stated, dahlia tuber orders will ship in the spring. If you order other things in your tuber order we will plan to ship them at the same time in Mid - Late April.

*If you want other items from us shipped earlier PLEASE place a separate order!*

What to expect and do once you receive your tuber order (Take note)

1. It’s late April and your tubers have just arrived in the mail! But now what do I do?

2. Keep your dahlias at + or - 50F until you are ready to plant them. Soils must have warmed up to roughly 60F (usually mid May here in Southern Maine) before planting into their final location. During this time DO NOT let your tubers FREEZE or get too hot.

3. Watch our Dahlia planting video here and get ready to plant once the soils have warmed up enough.

Return Policy

Fresh Pickins Farm is not responsible for dahlias that fail to sprout and thrive due to poor growing conditions, weather, pests or another reason out of our control. If you plant your tubers to the best of your ability based on our tutorial and you do not see a sprout within 6 weeks, please email us and we would be happy to send you a replacement tuber. If the tuber you ordered is sold out we will choose a similar replacement and note the variety to you.