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Flowers don’t need to be uber expensive and flown in on jets for your special event. With our flower options you can find sustainable floral solutions to meet your all your needs and support local flower farming. Our flowers are in peak bloom from June to October with luscious blooms that will provide fresh color texture and smell to any environment.

Passionate About Flowers

Our team at Fresh Pickins is seriously passionate about flowers. The flowers we provide to you are all sustainably grown on our Farm with a delicate attention to the environment and the soil. We work intimately with our plants from seedlings to arrangements to deliver you healthy, vivid flowers full of love. We have different options to make sure you get just what you want for your special day. All floral options at Fresh Pickins include a detailed consultation to make sure your receive the right varieties and quantities to meet your needs.

We know this is your special day so feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Dates need to be secured at least 8 weeks in advance with a 50% deposit.


  1. Do It Yourself Option

  2. Pre-arranged Option

  3. All-inclusive Design

DIY Option

The DIY option is our most economical option for couples and events where high quality local flowers are a must. With this option you will be purchasing bulk flowers by the stem at wholesale pricing and be responsible for designing and arranging. Pricing per stem averages $1.25 depending on the variety. Past customers have raved about this option as a great bonding experience for bridesmaids, mothers, friends and family involved in the arranging process. It creates a beautiful community feel when the people involved in the wedding participate in the floral arranging. We recommend keeping flowers in a walk in fridge or a cool spot at the venue.

This option includes:

Customer consultation to determine:

  • Flower varieties
  • Colors
  • Size of containers to be used
  • Scheduled farm visit (recommended)
  • Farm pickup encouraged (delivery fee extra)

Pricing (average)
$1.25 per stem depending on variety

Arranging Flowers
Pre Arranged Option

Our pre-arranged option gives you an exceptional value but lets us do the arranging at our farm. Arrangements will be designed by our professional designers based on the flowers, styles, colors, and vases you choose. During our consultation we will determine your exact needs and make sure your dreams become a reality. The pre-arranged option takes the stress out of arranging and makes for a simple cost-effective solution to local, beautiful arrangements at your event. Make sure to keep flowers in a walk-in fridge or a cool spot at the venue.

This option includes:

Customer consultation and farm visit:

  • Flower Varieties
  • Colors
  • Size, type and quantity of containers
  • Scheduled Farm Visit (recommended)
  • Farm Pickup Encouraged; Delivery fees will be extra

Pricing - Stem pricing averages 0.85¢ + Arranging fee which averages $15 for Medium (20 stem) Arrangements

Wedding Bouquets
All Inclusive Design Option

Make your floral dreams become a reality with our all inclusive design option. Customers who choose this option should expect a full floral experience catered to their desires. This option begins with a detailed consultation to determine the customers needs, a site visit conducted by Fresh Pickins followed up with a 3D sketch of the floral installations within the venue space for customer to review. Fresh Pickins professional designers will come to your location the day of the event to complete any floral installations, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, reception arrangements to make sure your floral dreams become a reality. We strongly recommend all customers to take advantage of a private farm visit to our historic saltwater farm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

This option includes:

Customer consultation to determine:

  • Flower varieties
  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Size and quantities of containers to rent
  • Floral installation at venue

Pricing (average)
$0.85 per stem depending on variety

Wedding Styles

Personalized Gifts

Commemorate the special day with customized hand crafted products from our farm.

We specialize in Skin / Hair Care and Honey Products formulated with organic ingredients grown on our Maine farm. Balms, Honey Jars, Creams, Oils, Bath Salts and Herbs can all be customized in different style containers big and small. Customized labels can be designed to meet the needs of your event and create a lasting memory.

Personalized Gifts
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