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Harvested in Maine
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 Wake up from Spring by embarking on a journey of floral enchantment with our 5-Week Spring Flower Bouquet Subscription CSA. Subscribe to beauty and support sustainability by joining us in celebrating the essence of local blooms. Each bouquet, a reflection of Spring's vibrancy, is carefully curated with handpicked flowers from our Maine flower farm.

Experience the joy of 5 biweekly pickups, where the beauty of freshly harvested SPRING blooms graces your space. By subscribing, you not only infuse your surroundings with the vibrant colors and fragrances of local flowers but also contribute to the sustainability of our farm and community.

Join us in fostering a connection to nature and supporting our local farm. With every subscription, you are playing a role in preserving the beauty of our environment. Embrace the changing seasons with the elegance of freshly harvested flowers, knowing you're part of a sustainable and local floral movement. Subscribe today and let the blossoms of spring fill your life with beauty and a touch of local charm. 


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Customer Reviews

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Claire Ruhlman
Super fresh flowers and beautiful arrangements

I will definitely be signing up for another CSA next year - the bouquets are gorgeous and very generously sized! Overall a fantastic deal.

Sarah Szanton
Gorgeous arrangements from real people

Love your emails and knowing how hard you work. I've enjoyed the bouquets during the summer and fall. My only problem has been missing out when I've been out of town. I wish there were some way to get a bouquet during weeks not scheduled for pick-up if I miss a week that was scheduled. Thanks.

Hey Sarah. Thank you so much for your feedback and your support. This problem of missed pickups is something that has been a bit tricky for us to try and accommodate. My suggestion would be if you know you will be out of town to have a family member, friend or neighbor try to pick it up for you. I’m sure this would make the recipients day too :) When we try to accommodate a handful of customers that can’t make the pickup it presents added demands on top of our already demanding farm production. I hope this wasn’t too inconvenient for you but at this point it’s our CSA policy.


Given as a gift for mother’s day to my mother in law. She loved them! Great quality. Perfect gift!

Glad she loved them! We've heard from a few of our CSA moms that it was the best Mothers Day Gift they've ever received.

John J Murphy III
Beautiful bouquets

Our 5 week subscription was a beautiful addition to our home this spring. The flowers were beautiful! Your staff was amazing. Your sign on Rt. 77 was very helpful during pickup,

Thanks for the feedback! We put so much love into every bouquet and it really means a lot for you to support our local farm.

Mary Capobianco

Some weeks the flower did not last very long. Absolutely beautiful every single bunch but more wild and fragile. Perhaps grow some sturdier flowers to hold up the bouquet longer...

Hello Mary,

Thanks for your constructive feedback and supporting our flower farm. I'm curious about the vase life your mentioning of the flowers. Some of the varieties will not last as long as the others. The varieties with shorter vase lifes last about 5 days and longer ones can last up to 2 weeks. If the stems are all not lasting long that could be do to not changing the water and providing the stems with a fresh cut every couple days or so. Flower stems are like a straw and if the stems get clogged due to bacteria in the water then they can't drink. Next season I think it would be helpful if we provide a flower care guide to our CSA members to make sure they get the most bang for their buck with minimal maintenance. Thanks again for the feedback.

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Harvested in Maine