Mentha spicata 

Mentha piperita

Cooling and rejuvenating, mints are one of the best natural flavors and fragrances with which we are all familiar. Several scientific studies exist documenting the attention- and memory-enhancing effects of spearmint. Older participants in one study found better cognitive performance, sleep, and possibly mood with 900 mg of spearmint extract per day1. Younger, physically active participants also showed improved attention and cognitive function over 90 days of spearmint supplementation2. Spearmint has shown signs of treatment in people with fertility-related endocrine disorders, such as PCOS3. Mosquitos and ticks are not only annoying, they are disease-carrying; yet toxic insecticide sprays are no answer. Luckily, spearmint repelled mosquitos for almost 4 hours in one efficacy test4. The deodorizing effect of spearmint may be due to its high concentration of rosmarinic acid, which neutralized garlic odors in one trial5. Most importantly, spearmint has been found to be nontoxic6,7. Gain peace and cool off by trying one of our products with mint essential oils, including our Bug & Tick Repellent, Mint Rosemary Lip Balm, After Sun Surf Spray, and Wipeout Balm.

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