This kit is an adventure seekers MUST! All products in this kit are designed for those who like to live on the edge and expose themselves to ruthless environmental conditions. Aimed at protecting exposed skin from the harshest elements on earth, we designed these organic natural products to bring on your epic journeys.  Epic Protection Balms are made up of 25% Zinc Oxide to protect you from solar radiation and a specially formulated blend of organic oils that create a barrier on your skin to protect it from the windiest, coldest, saltiest and wettest environments. We include the wipeout balm in this kit because not everything goes to plan on most adventures. Sometimes we get a little to sendy and can end up with some bruising and stiffness. Wipeout Balm infuses organic Arnica from the garden to help reduce swelling, alleviate contusions and loosen up stiff and sore muscles. Once you try Arnica topically you’ll never go back! Have fun :)


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Harvested in Maine