Wild in the Fresh in Morocco

Wild in the Fresh in Morocco

Every time I go on a trip it reminds me how blissful we are to live on this planet, how its richness is sooo englobing and apart of everything. How freedom of space, presence and time connects us to our roots. I ask myself, “what do you really want to spend your time doing?” and suddenly there’s space for new passion, interest and trajectory.

For myself, these days, one thing I’m passionate about is the craftsmanship in Moroccan culture. I love observing the details of their doing and how an observation potentially relates to another, and how I feel grounded in and inspired by learning new things.


The rocky bay where we are staying right now is really special. It’s supposedly one of the best fishing zones of the whole country. The ocean meets with suction and explosion from the rocky coast that got sculpted by their union. Within the cliff, the fisherman and their partners have built a little bamboo fort, wind shelter at the border of the desert land where they will process their found treasures. We essentially live in a little cliff house built out of concrete with a sweet observatory rooftop in the mix of all those fishing and processing operations. We found the place by looking deep into google maps following the coast in search of treasure in forms of waves, bays, points, anything interesting, really. And because of being such a little surf rat in the last week it feels special to stop chasing waves and focus on my body and on simple things.

Also, we needed to escape from the van and reset.

It’s wild observing the fisherman’s dedication, their concentration, the hustling and the presence it takes to do what they are doing. Observing their fishing rod, their fishing pole, what they use for bait, how they gather in a big front pockets some of the fruits of their collecting moment and how they dance with the ocean moves.

The different tides bring different actions. At low tide when the water stops pulsing out of that big rock hole and the birds are back, some of them are hustling to gather the fruits of the ocean using little hammers or something like it. Here the rocks are formed and covered with a multitude of holes creating the perfect place for crabs, urchins, mussels to hide. As the sun moves in the sky and winds change, the higher tide will bring some other fisherman, the one that will spend hours moving and jumping on the different sectors of the rocky cliff, getting ocean sprays all over again and again, to catch a beautiful fish. They then use the hole within the rocks where enough water accumulates to create a pool, a cool way to keep the fishes that they’ve gathered. I can also see that they utilize how the land is sculpted with deep water spots and a reef or sand barrier just far enough out to keep the fish inside, making what seems to be a perfect fishing setup. 

So, my hope here is that these words create some visions in your head that makes you want to travel. I wish you my friends and followers a beautiful time and don't forget to observe the beautiful world we live in and take care of it too.



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