Beyond the beauty of the flowers in your Herbalist Bouquet lies a much deeper story. These plants are essentials for herbalists alike for their beneficial properties and their elegance. They are amongst our favorite herbs that we grow and prepare on our farm. Join us in exploring the wisdom of these plants and learning techniques to blend them into your lifestyle. Check out the herb library below to begin identifying the herbs in your Bouquet and discover different ways to prepare and use them!  All herbs are sown, grown and arranged with love on our farm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Herb Key

Refer to this key as you browse the Herb Library to discover new uses for your bouquet *

Try preparing these herbs in the kitchen to dress up a meal or benefit from their nutritive properties.

Herbs with this symbol are great for steeping in hot water as a tea or tisane. An easy way to enjoy their pleasant flavors and soothing effects.

Experiment with extracting these herbs using alcohol or glycerine to make a liquid extract or tincture.

These herbs are great for oil infusions. Try adding them to your skin & hair care regiment.

Harvested in Maine

* While we encourage experimenting with herbs, every body is different and it is finally your responsibility to determine how these herbs will affect you.