We were inspired to offer this kit because of our love of being outside in the sun with friends. Over exposure to UV from the sun can lead to harmful skin conditions and premature aging which is something we were not stoked on . We were also not stoked on the vast majority of sunscreens manufactured with chemicals that are harmful to our skin and the environment. This lead us researching and blending Sunsifter Solar Cream which is formulated with organic oils, calendula grown on our farm and 25% Zinc Oxide which has been proven to be affective at blocking harmful rays even for babies skin. Also we can now sleep easy knowing that our sunscreen is not polluting aquatic environments when we go surfing. This is great and now we are super stoked! We have also included our Aftersun Surf Mist that is formulated entirely with organic oils to help cool your skin and help eliminate peeling if you or your buddy forgets their Sunsifter.



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Harvested in Maine