The inspiration behind our all-natural products

The inspiration behind our all-natural products


We got to the point in life where we observed that when you get outside to give yourself a perspective it often brings you inspiration in return that fuels your life and inspires you to evolve into the best version of yourself. 

It’s a holistic ecosystem, like the balance in life, when you need to get outside because of feeling trapped or overworked, you go! You go and it replenishes your soul. You go and it creates space, makes a creative connection, and gives ideas that keep you going. It's what keeps us going. 

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So that’s the basis of fresh pickins, fresh pick your line of energy in life that will bring you back to yourself. We solidify that by creating products inspired by the natural world that will serve you in it.

The essence found in the ecosystem of the ocean, farm, mountain and the forest are also found in each of our products within each collection. What does that mean? In short, we collect, forage, grow, curate essential oils and ingredients that not only come from that specific environment but are also formulated to protect you in that wild place, giving a super power to it.

We share with you today the result of what we love. Born out of necessity, and adventure-tested each and every day.

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